Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Helping Out Buzz Aldrin - Day 1

Picture of the Day for 6/1/2012. Today was the first day of the astronaut autograph show at Spacefest 4 where I was a volunteer assigned to help out Buzz Aldrin. "Help" is a loose term as Buzz's business manager was at his side negotiating the total cost* of the items people came to get signed. I merely processed the credit card transactions and collected cash. Still, it was very interesting to observe Buzz interacting with his fans and answering questions about his adventures in space.

Buzz was especially engaging with his youngest fans. One couple brought their 8-month old son in a spacesuit onesie and had Buzz autograph the suit with the child still in it! The boy was surprisingly well-behaved during the process.

*Speaking of cost, here's the price list.

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