Saturday, February 25, 2017

Jess Lourey at Sleuthfest 2017

Picture of the Day for February 25, 2017. I've been attending Sleuthfest for years now and I've attended a lot of good workshops on how to write a novel, but hands down Jess Lourey's sessions have been the most helpful and inspiring. I actually feel like I can go out and write a novel now without it feeling so daunting. I can't wait for her instructional book, Rewrite Your Life, to come out in May. 

Jess is one of my favorite authors* and I was so excited to meet her. She was so lovely and personable and encouraging. After her first workshop, I went up to talk to Jess and she said I was the "friendly face" in the crowd she focused on as she spoke. I was pretty flattered by that. She seemed genuinely interested in the novel I would like to write someday and fascinated by the Merrill family trait of going gray at a very young age. That may even make itself into one of her novels... 

*Check out her murder-by-month series.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Self Defense Class at Sleuthfest 2017

Picture of the Day for February 24, 2017. Attended a self defense class this afternoon at Sleuthfest 2017. It was taught by a woman who is in law enforcement. She was pretty impressive. Made me  want to take a Krav Maga (Israeli martial arts) class when I return to Salt Lake. I hear it's good exercise.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Guns 101 Class at Sleuthfest 2017

Picture of the Day for February 23, 2017. I'm back in Florida for the annual Sleuthfest (conference for published and wannabe mystery authors) hosted by the Florida Chapter of Mystery Writers of America. I wasn't sure I was going to be able to make it between eye surgeries and work, but I managed to work it out. Yay! Today I attended my friend Al's Guns 101 class in the forensics track of the conference. In addition to having classes on writing and getting published, the Sleuthfest organizers also bring in experts in the field so people writing about things like police procedures will get it right. Al teaches at least one course every year and every year it's a different topic. This year, as the session title would imply, his topic was on guns. He gave a very interesting history of guns and a comprehensive overview of the various types of firearms and ammunition. I got a kick out the guy talking to Al after the session. He was from Europe and not a fan of guns at all, but he was definitely fascinated by them. This guy had the most follow-up questions for Al.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

24-Hour Boots

Picture of the Day for February 22, 2017. I went directly from my client meeting in Los Angeles yesterday to LAX where I caught red eye flight to Florida- dressed in my fancy work clothing. Yep, I wore these high-heeled boots for close to 36 hours straight by the time I was able to check into my hotel. I should win some sort of endurance award.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Flight Detour

Picture of the Day for February 21, 2017. I flew down to Los Angeles for a work meeting today. The weather between Salt Lake City and Los Angeles has been particularly bad for the past couple of weeks. There must have been some pretty bad weather for the pilot to make such a large detour to the east of St. George, Utah before heading back southwest again.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Mannequin Army

Picture of the Day for February 20, 2017. The Macy's near my house is closing so I went to check out the deals. Not much merchandise left. They are at the point where they are selling the fixtures. The mannequins look like they are assembling a creepy army. Maybe they have plans to take out a creepy army of clowns. I'd like to see that showdown!

Sunday, February 19, 2017

No Such Thing as a Cute Clown

Picture of the Day for February 19, 2017. I'm wrapping up the last of the gag gift clown ornaments that I used to torment my niece Chantal and my sister Robynne for Christmas to give to my sister Paula. She was feeling a little left out. I love the label on the box of vintage clown ornaments. Cute Clowns. False advertising to be sure since there's no such thing as a cute clown.