Monday, October 5, 2015

Namesake Planes

Picture of the Day for 10/5/2015. One last visit to the National Museum of the US Air Force before heading back home today. Found a couple of planes in the World War 2 wing that I believe are my namesakes given my red hair.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

SunWatch Indian Village

Picture of the Day for 10/4/2015.  I needed a little break from all the aviation-related activities of the past few days so I visited the SunWatch Indian Village. It is a reconstructed Fort Ancient Native American village next to the Great Miami River in Dayton, Ohio. I'm used to the Native American cultures found in Utah and the Four Corners region so it was fun to see completely different types of artifacts and buildings and landscapes.

The Fort Ancient culture was active between 1000 and 1750 AD. This reconstruction is on the site of an actual 13th century village that was occupied for about 20 years and had a population of approximately 250 people. 


Saturday, October 3, 2015

Skyline Chili

Picture of the Day for 10/3/2015. There appears to be a Skyline Chili restaurant on every street corner in Dayton, Ohio so I figured I better try it even though I don't like chili at all. I asked for a sample and loved it so I ordered the chili cheese dogs along with a green salad. Man, this restaurant knows how to do cheese right. The chili/hot dog and salad were merely the delivery systems for the grated cheddar cheese. Mmm.

Friday, October 2, 2015

National Aviation Hall of Fame 53rd Annual Enshrinement Banquet

Picture of the Day for10/2/2015. I attended the National Aviation Hall of Fame 53rd annual enshrinement banquet. 

As you can see, this is a big affair!

One of the people being inducted was Gene Krantz- the flight director for the ill-fated Apollo 13 mission. He's pictured here with the commander of Apollo 13, Jim Lovell. Lovell presented Krantz with his award. Couple of comments- Krantz is a truly nice guy. He's affable and shakes your hand with a firm grip- just like you would expect a patriotic guy who is famous for uttering the words, "failure is not an option" during the Apollo 13 crisis. Marilyn Lovell, wife of Jim Lovell, complimented me on my blue necklace!

Speaking of my pretty blue necklace, here it is. I'm pictured with Nick Clooney, father of George Clooney and sister of Rosemary Clooney (from the classic movie White Christmas if you're wondering who that is). 

Here was a fun sight- Gene Krantz with a fellow new inductee, General Bob Cardenas, and a previous inductee, Joe Kittinger. Lot's of aviation history between the three of them. Cardenas was the pilot who "launched" Chuck Yeager's Bell X-1 aircraft from a B-29 for the historic flight that broke the sound barrier. For over 50 years, Kittinger held the record for the world's highest skydive from an altitude of nearly 103,000 feet.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Armstrong Air and Space Museum

Picture of the Day for 10/1/2015. I visited the Armstrong Air and Space Museum in Neil Armstrong's birthplace of Wapakoneta, Ohio.

Entrance. The dome of the Astro Theater blends in with the cloudy sky

Armstrong's naval uniform
Armstrong learned to fly in this Aeronica airplane at the Wapakoneta airfield
Armstrong's Gemini 8 capsule

Armstrong's Gemini 8 capsule

Creepy/cool entrance to the Astro Theater
Space art
More space art
Thick paint/brush strokes from the painting above
Even more space art
Surrounding cornfields
 Downtown Wapakoneta, Ohio
 Downtown Wapakoneta, Ohio

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Emergency Shoe Shopping

Picture of the Day for 9/30/2015. Rats! You know those shoes I bought for the swanky banquet I'll be attending in a couple of days? The shoes I loved and was excited to wear? They are in Utah. I'm in Ohio. That's a problem. I had to go out and buy a replacement pair of heels.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

I Got Sniped

Picture of the Day for 9/29/2015. I'm longing to own a John Falter poster. He was an illustrator who designed several World War 2 recruiting posters. I adore his artwork and I'm fascinated by that era. Occasionally one will show up on eBay for several hundred dollars. I was delighted to see one on eBay for less than $100 which was within my price range, but at the last minute someone sniped me and outbid me. Dang! I took this screen shot when I mistakenly thought I had the item in the bag.